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Joe and Zee
2019-08-14 18:50:12
Hey Guys awesome trip, it far exceeded our expectations. You guys definitely made it an Experience to remember for a long time. From the great History to the incredible sights and fun times spent with everybody, we couldn't have done it on our own. We've already recommended this trip to friends and family and will continue to do so. The memories with our New Friends will be remembered forever. Thank You Alan, David, Pat and Maurice
Until we meet again SLAINTE Zee and Joe
Ginny Higgins
2019-07-16 14:22:33
Brilliant, 100%!!!!

What a phenomenal organization with incredible people! Professional, efficient, welcoming, funny, adaptable - you name it. Call them immediately if you are even thinking of Ireland!!!!!!!

Jim and I can not imagine EVER going to Ireland (or Wales) without them. I met with David (a fellow Community Garden member) in the states to plan our Ireland vacation. I had a full page listing all the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to visit. I also asked for small inns so we could better meet the "people". I wanted to climb Skellig Michael (I did and you should too!). Jim wanted to play golf at Ballybunion (he did with Pat and they loved it!!!).

Alan, Pat and David provided everything and more. They are amazing. Pat is now family - we were together for a month, yes every single day (even had dinner one night with Liz, his wife). And, we also traveled with Mark, another member of the family, who joined us in Wales (where he lives).

Okay, we did all the tourist things which were terrific of course. Ireland (and Wales) are magnificent. of course. We basically circled Ireland from Dublin to Rosslare and took the ferry to Wales. In addition to the cities, we went on the rural roads and stopped at small villages along the way. For example, in Cliften we happened upon a town square Guarda concert and had time to enjoy it.

We spent a week in Wales in Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons. We also met so many people and had opportunities to see behind the tourist "curtain". This trip was personalized for us in every way. For example, Jim and I were asking directions in Cardiff and the man invited us to the Dowlais Adult Men's Choir rehearsal in a small town. Pat and Mark found the church (took some sleuthing as the directions were a bit vague) and the next evening there we were. It was amazing and we even had a chance to talk to the members a bit before and after.

By the beginning of the 4th week we were out of any form of clean clothes. So, with their help we found a laundry and basically started anew. Jim has celiac disease and can not have gluten. No problem - all was arranged. In Dublin, we were researching Jim's family. We found the churches that two of his ancestors were baptized in, and Pat took us to a small cemetery where other members may be buried. He provided us with more contacts for Jim's research.

We saw the joy of Ireland (and Wales) and the tragedy. There were laughter and tears (the gaols, Belfast, famine houses, Aberfan as examples). We saw Gaelic football - WOW! We went by plane, train, car, horse cart, and boats. We woke up each day ready for the next adventure and slept well. We are in even better shape

Thank you Ireland US Experience for providing a once-in-a-lifetime visit to your beloved country. It is always about the people, and Pat, Alan, David and Mark are the perfect people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We can't wait to see you in the states.
Dorothy McKay
2019-06-25 11:51:53
Just finished a tour with Ireland Us Experience, and could not have had a better time. We explored most of the southern part of the island with our driver/guide Sean who was an absolute pro. Conscientious, witty, informative, he's a gem. Pat M. met us at the airport and genially got us right into our first tour of Dublin. Later we met Allan who had helped with the organizational part of the tour, and he was also top-notch. The planning process was so smooth, and all of our rooms/tours were excellent. We were able to adjust itinerary as we went along, which worked out very well. Even had a chance to visit one of the McGovern family's old homesteads for a lovely tea. There were 4 of us on the tour, all women, and we always felt completely safe. The van was large and comfortable, with plenty of room to spread out. A wonderful experience altogether.
Cheryl Gibbons
2019-06-17 22:20:27
This trip was fantastic. We very much enjoyed our driver Seán, felt like he was family. We did a lot every single day, and he was very flexible. Trip was well worth the cost!
Suzanne Porter
2019-06-16 18:24:59
My sister and 2 friends went on a 13 day exertion around a large part of Ireland. Our driver, Sean was great! He was informative, witty, dependable, and always the gentleman. It was well worth it, every cent of it😀
Clay Schumann
2018-09-26 19:31:23
My wife and I were fortunate enough to have taken a 10-day Tour of Ireland this past July with Ireland US Experience! From the very beginning we knew that this was the best tour available in Ireland! Allan, was great in getting us booked and informing us of anything we’d need to know before the trip! Pat was our tour guide and we couldn’t have had a better guy show us around the country! He was such a gentleman with such a warm heart and he was super welcoming. It’s almost as if he became apart of our family shortly after our welcome into Ireland. It’d be very hard to not become close with Pat. He was always there to open the door and help the ladies out of the van (which he cleaned nightly, along with fueling up. So that we always had fuel and a clean van), he always opened the door in and out of establishments, he always made sure our tables were ready at restaurants and that our rooms were ready at our hotels. But he wasn’t so professional that he didn’t have a good time, quite the contrary, Pat is great fun! We enjoyed many laughs with Pat throughout our tour, some moments I will NEVER forget! With Pat as your tour guide, your trip will be full of information, stories, and many laughs!
July is a beautiful time of year in Ireland, the weather was great, almost every day of the trip! Ireland US Experience takes care of it all, from comfortable transportation to hotel accommodations, they do it right! Pat even had water and snacks for us while in the van, every day! My wife was 6 months pregnant during this trip and she was able to do everything on the tour, so if you’re afraid it might be too much, it’s not. Pat took extra care to make sure everybody was comfortable, especially momma! We truly enjoyed ourselves and had plenty of time to “take it all in” at each stop along the way. And if you wanted more time or needed to stop for a break, he’d somehow make it all work!
This trip was a dream come true for my wife and I! Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries with some of the best food and best places to see! Ireland US Experience made all of this even better with the service they provided! Spend a little extra and let them do the planning and driving, it was very nice not having to worry about anything, especially being in another country. The guys at US Experience will always have a place to stay if they ever want to visit the US! That should say something about how great they were! From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks a million Pat, Allan and the rest of Ireland US Experience!
Wendy Sanders
2018-09-11 00:24:13
Most amazing vacation ever. Patty “no butter” was absolutely brilliant. The food, sights, music, pubs make you feel like you never want to leave. Pat made us all feel like we were family and treated us to every adventure possible. The people were so kind and polite and the scenery was breathtaking. All of our accommodations were more than what we could have ever imagined. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and all we had to do was enjoy everything Ireland had to offer.
Joan Kavooras
2018-07-26 14:18:18
Outstanding! The beautiful countryside, warm people and fantastic sites was more than I could have ever imagined. We started our tour with Pat McGovern as our guide and ended it as friends. Pat was so knowledgeable, as well as a joy to be around. Thank you Ireland US Experience for a trip of a lifetime!!
2017-08-12 22:25:14
Best trip of our lives...Dave, Alan and Pat went above and beyond what I expected. Morse was a mobile history book. I can't believe how much we got to see and how much fun we had at night hanging out trying all the local beers with the gang. They even went out of their way to find some of us a place to go horseback riding while the guys went golfing. They took an ill member to the hospital and stayed with them until they were all set and then picked them back up to join us for the last day. I can't wait to go back and see the parts we missed...
Can't wait for the reunion!!!
Love you guys!
Cathy and Grace (Miss Florida Teen American Coed)
Erin Shabareck
2017-07-25 18:24:31
What an amazing trip. Pat, Alan, Dave and Maurice were amazing. They treated us all like family. Took us to many places that are not on an average tour. Made sure that each and everyone of us was having not a good time but an amazing time. I can't say enough how wonderful they were. We are already talking about another trip with them. If you want to travel first class, get with this company. First class all the way.
Dennis McWilliams
2017-07-25 15:28:50
I don't even know where to begin reviewing our IrelandUS Experience trip because it was all so great. The best vacation we have ever had. My wife came home from work one day and told me about IrelandUSExperience and mentioned they were doing a tour in July, 2017. Naturally, having always wanting to go to ireland it was a good fit so we booked. The first thing I want to point out in the review is how helpful they were leading up to the vacation Our plan was to pay off the trip in increments and we made a payment every three months toward the balance. They kept excellent records, collected payment through paypal and gave advance warning of when the payment would come out of my bank account. Their organization leading up to the vacation was very, very good.

The day finally arrived when we were to go to ireland. We were excited and ready. We flew out of PBI and flew to JFK. They had a representative (David) with us the whole journey. After some weather delays and airline issues (beyond the control of IrelandUSExperience) we made it to Dublin and were ready to start our vacation.

We first met our driver, Maurice (pronounced Morris). He was witty, charming, knowledgeable, compassionate and above all skilled at driving. He whipped our bus around like it was a small compact car and made us all (group of around 45) feel comfortable. After going to our hotel (more on this later), we began our tour around the first city, Dublin and then went around the whole of the island in 10 days.

WHile I will not bore you with tour details of each city and tour, they were all fantastic. IrelandUSExperience took us to places many tourists just don't get to see. Sure, we did some of the regular tourist stuff like the Guinness storehouse, Trinity College and Teelings Whiskey but we also did stuff normally reserved for the locals. In the north we went to the Titanic Museum, but also went to Derry and saw the Free Derry wall and the local sites. We visited so many places with them but there are too many to mention.

Talking about the hotels- They were GREAT. Pat, Alan and David must hav done a treemendous amount of research to find these gems. All of the hotels were first class, with large personal areas, interesting pubs and the all important Wifi! They all had A/C, except for the River Court in Kilkenny where we slept in the shadows of a 10th century castle. They also provided us with fans and we really didnt need the AC there because of the cool breeze. We absolutely loved the castles we stayed at and could not believe how well organized they were at each stop. In most places, we didnt even have to wait to check in. When we got to the hotel they would hand us our keys and deliver our bags right to the room without hesitation.

The guides we had were the owners of the company, David, Alan and Pat- These men are the best Ireland has to offer. If it seems like I gush when I speak of them, it is because I do. I will never have enough kind words for them and will always feel like they are an extension of my family. They treated us like their family. They made us feel so welcome in Ireland and must have asked us 1000 times if we were having a good time. They truly run the business like we were their family. As an example, there was a couple who faced some challenges on the trip with a man being sick. Not only did they take him to the hospital, but they even had a representative stay with the family while he was there and then transported them back to the group. The particular family affected told me how pleased they were with the service and how much they cared. This means so much to me because I know there are companies out there who would not even care. Not these guys. They handled it like the sick person was a member of their family. So impressed.

I could really go on and on about this trip as it was the trip of a lifetime but I will not. Please, if you are even considering going to ireland for a vacation, be sure to use IrelandUSExperience. They are simply a great company and love showing off their wonderful country. We are even considering asking them to customize a castles and Abbey's tour for us in the future. They will do an incredible job and you will be happy with their product. On a scale of 5 stars, they are 10 stars and I highly recommend them for anyone.
Sarj Bloom
2017-07-18 12:18:39
In May of this year we toured Ireland with Pat McGovern and had a wonderful time. Pat was like family that showed us around to places we wanted to see and places that only he knew about; that we just had to see.I would say that because of Pat we want to return to Ireland and stay in some areas that need more exploring. If you choose this service for your touring you will not be disappointed.
If you have been on group tours you know how exhausting it can be, when you have seen enough of one place and want to move on. Well with this service you are in charge and it is well worth the extra cost. l will never go to Ireland again unless we can have Pat or his service take us to places.
Sarj Bloom
2017-07-18 12:18:34
In May of this year we toured Ireland with Pat McGovern and had a wonderful time. Pat was like family that showed us around to places we wanted to see and places that only he knew about; that we just had to see.I would say that because of Pat we want to return to Ireland and stay in some areas that need more exploring. If you choose this service for your touring you will not be disappointed.
If you have been on group tours you know how exhausting it can be, when you have seen enough of one place and want to move on. Well with this service you are in charge and it is well worth the extra cost. l will never go to Ireland again unless we can have Pat or his service take us to places.
Jason and Tyrene Morgans
2017-06-26 02:10:53
In December 2016 my husband presented me with a trip to Ireland. He shared his vision with Ireland US Experience and they planned the entire adventure to six cities during seven days. We waited five months until it was time for our trip. It was certainly well worth the wait. After arriving in Ireland I learned the extent of planning and organization that went into this trip. Ireland US Experience planned and organized every last detail of our trip. Pat, the owner and fortunately for us, our tour guide, truly made the trip. He shared the history of the towns we visited, pointed out the local attractions and personalized recommendations based on what he learned about the two of us as a couple.

Pat and Ireland US Experience literally took care of everything; all of our tickets were purchased ahead of time to avoid us having to wait in line at museums and brewery tours, our car rides were stocked with waters and snacks specific to what we liked and all of my dietary restrictions, our hotel stays were not only booked ahead of time, but our luggage was already waiting in the room by the time we arrived.

A few days into our trip, we realized we had not really saved any mementos from the places we went. I do not know why I was concerned, Pat had already been collecting souvenirs and collateral from every location we visited. He presented it at the end of our trip, organized by day and city we visited.

This was the first time my husband and I traveled on such an adventure. Pat took all of the stress and planning off of our shoulders and allowed us to enjoy every single moment. He truly made our experience, not only because the trip was incredible, but because he was such a pleasure to be around. It did not take long for Pat to go from tour guide to friend. We enjoyed his company and looked forward to the next day and what we would learn from him, not to mention the laughs we would share.

The trip would not have been the same without him! At the end of the trip, we were not sure if we were more disappointed to leave Ireland or Pat’s company.
Carol Quairoli
2016-09-11 15:22:00
Just returned from our Ireland vacation. What an awesome trip from start to finish. Pat goes above and beyond to ensure that you have the ultimate experience. Every mile of the way; we felt as if he was showing his family around a country that he is very proud of. He could not have been more accommodating. All the hotels were comfortable and hand picked by Pat and Alan. Itinerary was awesome, but Pat was extremely flexible if there was something in addition that we wanted to do. If I had anything negative to say; It would be that we weren't there long enough. Oh well, there's always next time. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to see Ireland, to book your trip through IrelandUsExperience!!!!
Michael & Jennifer Lawlor
2016-07-12 23:07:31
We just recently returned from our trip to Ireland and what an experience! We first met David a number of years ago in WPB, Florida at Irish Fest. Once ready we reached out to him and began the process to plan our trip. Upon arrival in Dublin we were met by Pat and a cup of coffee (much needed after the over night trip). Pat had everything ready for us and got us going on our adventure. He provided us with a GPS and cell phone in case we needed to reach out to him with any problems or questions. Every step of our trip was planned out and we arrived at each destination without issue. All hotels booked were top notch and we got to see amazing sites which were all recommended by Ireland Experience. Pat went above and beyond expectations for us and was very passionate in everything he did. He made us feel like family every step of the way. I would not hesitate to book our next trip with Pat and David in the future as well as recommending everyone to book their Ireland experience with them.
Jeff Davis & Karen Harrell
2015-08-02 00:40:46
Our IrelandUSexperience vacation far exceeded our expectations. Everything, from lodging, to meals, and transportation to perfectly selected locations was all expertly handled by Pat and Alan and staff. We had total flexibility in scheduling and weren't tied to a tour company's bus timetable. We literally had no worries.

IrelandUSexperience was for us like having family and friends in the country. We were welcomed to beautiful Ireland with open arms, taken to unforgettable places, and drank and laughed with the two best guides anyone could wish for.

Cheers, Pat and Alan. We are SO doing this again in the future.

Jeff Davis and Karen Harrell
Jupiter, FL
Nancy Oss
2015-05-04 02:00:15
I have been lucky to travel to many parts of the world in my life and count my trip to Ireland , with you as my guide, one of the highlights on my travels! Traveling with your small group on the very comfortable and roomy coach provided time to hear the historical details as well as the personal stories that brought laughter to all. I would highly recommend your company for anyone who is planning a trip to Ireland!
2015-05-04 00:56:36
Thank you Pat and Dave I could not have enjoyed my trip to Ireland more. Touring with true natives that know the traditional but especially the not so traditional sites made every day a true adventure. I have been on many tours with guides yet found your knowledge incredible and your sense of humor delightful. I will recommend Ireland US Experience to all my friends and fellow travelers.
2015-04-12 04:32:09
Thank you Pat McGovern for making my April, 2014 visit to Ireland a memorable and terrific time!! You were an awesome tour guide and your company a pleasure to work with. From amazing golfing to site-seeing tours to Kilkenny and more, the trip was more than I’d even hoped for and expected. I highly recommend Ireland Us Experience to all!
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