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There are many companies doing organized bus tours in Ireland and there are limo hire companies that can offer smaller groups similar set tours. From talking to visitors from the USA over the past few years, however, we found that their biggest complaint when taking these tours was that they quite often spent valuable vacation time in places they didn't necessarily want to go and didn't get to visit the places they did want to see. They also felt regimented by having to keep to a strict schedule over which they had no control.

What they were ideally looking for was someone to take them to the places that they really wanted to visit, even if it was a little village in the middle of nowhere that was off the beaten track of the normal tours, and spend as much time where they wanted, moving around at their own pace.  

In Ireland there are so many places to see, and things to do, that some visitors are overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.  They were looking for someone with local knowledge to suggest areas that they might like to visit, based on their personal preferences, so that they could make the best use of their valuable time during their vacation.

Ireland US Experience was created to fill those needs.  We don't do set tours, but will put together a customized itinerary specifically tailored to match the type of vacation you want to experience, the places your want to see, your personal preferences and your budget.

It was set up by Pat McGovern, Alan Fetherston and David McGovern and is a family run business whose sole aim is to ensure that you have the vacation of a lifetime. Pat and Alan
both started working in the travel business nearly twenty years ago, Our business model is to grow our company by repeat bookings and word of mouth. In recent years we have had the pleasure of catering for both large and small groups on trips all over Ireland and we look forward to taking care of you when you come to visit us.


At Ireland US Experience we like to keep things simple, so we don't have reams of tightly packed legal talk that you probably won't ever read or actually understand. What we want to do, when you travel with us, is to ensure that we give you the best possible vacation that we possibly can, and to make sure that you have such an enjoyable and safe time while you are in our care that you will remember and talk about it for years to come.  However, there are a few things that we need to highlight to you, so that you are aware of them prior to travelling with us :
·         We are an Irish company, based in Ireland, so any bills or invoices we send you will be denominated in Euro. The actual amount in dollars may be higher or lower depending on the actual exchange rate on the dates the payments are made. We currently invoice through Paypal as we find that our visitors are more comfortable making their payments through a payment system that they are familiar with. Please note that you do not need to have a Paypal account to use this facility, and can instead use your debit or credit card as normal via their secure portal. Paypal will automatically handle the Euro/Dollar conversion for you at whatever rate applies on the day that you make the payment.
·         Again, because we are an Irish company, based in Ireland, all dealings with us will be deemed to come under the jurisdiction of Irish law and the Irish courts system, or where they might take precedence, the laws of the UK or the European Union.
·         Ireland US Experience Ltd undertake to supply the tour services agreed with our clients, which will usually have been customized to their particular requirements. Should any particular service or accommodation become unavailable at the time of the vacation, due to circumstances beyond our control, we agree to replace the missing item with a similar event or hotel of a similar standard.  In return for these services, the client confirms that they will pay the amount agreed.
·         The Vacation Package will be priced based on an agreed number of passengers on agreed dates. If the number of passengers or dates changes, then this may result in an adjustment to the price per person. Please note, in particular, that single occupancy rooms will normally be more expensive per person than joint occupancy. In addition, hotel accommodation costs tend to increase, and availability can be limited, during the high season (JULY to August). Hotel prices also tend to be more expensive when bookings are made close to the arrival date, or on different days of the week. Prices quoted by us could therefore require amendment in situations where you request us to change your original travel or accommodation arrangements.
·         An initial non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total amount due per person will normally be payable on confirmation of the booking. The remaining balance will be payable four months prior to the commencement of the vacation. We will invoice you, at the appropriate times, for the Euro amounts based on the overall price agreed at the time the booking was made. Final payments, once paid, become non-refundable. We would recommend that when travelling long distances, such as to Ireland, that you take out travel insurance that is appropriate to your circumstances. A basic travel insurance policy is included as part of your package and details will be notified to you along with your flight confirmations. If you wish to have a more comprehensive cover, you should consult your insurance advisor.
·         All entrance costs to the visitor attractions listed in the itinerary that we agree with our clients are included in the price. When requesting us to arrange games of golf, please advise if you would like us to also arrange clubs or buggies and if there are specific courses or types of courses you would like to play.
·         As a tour operator, we look after you from the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment we return you to the airport at the end of your vacation. We do not arrange the flights themselves, but can recommend local US or Irish based travel agents who can supply these services at highly competitive rates. All prices quoted by us therefore exclude flight costs unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that international flight costs fluctuate, and can either increase or decrease substantially the closer you get to your departure date, depending on how full a particular flight might be. In general, flight costs will be higher and availability lower in peak season (JULY to August), so you will need to take this into account when budgeting the overall cost of the vacation.
·         If travellers have any special requirements (e.g. smoking rooms, handicap accessible rooms, bedding type, air conditioning, special dietary requirements) please advise at time of booking.  Once hotels have confirmed, guests may incur penalties for any changes. Any special requests are subject to their availability at individual hotels and requests cannot be guaranteed.
·         In the unlikely event of a medical emergency or issue, our staff will arrange for local medical assistance and transfer to a local hospital, should that be required. While public healthcare is free in Ireland for emergency admittances, if you wished to have private healthcare facilities you will need to ensure that your US health policy covers you for costs incurred outside the USA.
·         It is the responsibility of all clients to ensure that they have valid passports before they travel. We recommend that you apply for your passport as early as possible if you do not currently have one, or if it will be out of date prior to your departure/return in order to avoid any last minute issues. Please ensure, when booking your flights, that you notify the travel agent of the exact names of all travellers as listed on their passports, as the airlines may not allow you to board the flight if there is a difference between the passport name and the name on the boarding pass.
·         Gratuities to drivers/guides are not included in our prices.
·         Any additional Terms and Conditions that might apply to specific vacation packages will be notified to you when agreeing the itinerary.
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Phone : USA 561-262-7087

Ireland +353-85-8664495

Ireland US Experience Ltd is incorporated and registered in the
Republic of Ireland. Company Registration Number: 559222.
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